Mycosphaerella eumusae has similar leaf spot characteristics to M. fijiensis and M. musicola.

Primary lesions are brown streaks that expand to form large brown spots.

This stage of the disease is the most recognisable and can be used to distinguish between the three Mycosphaerella leaf spot diseases.

As the disease progresses, spots become grey in the centre but keep a brown border

Leaf spots amphigenous, initially visible as faint brown streaks, developing into oval or elliptical light brown lesions with grey centres and dark brown borders, coalescing to form large, brown necrotic areas under favourable conditions.

Grey spots and patches are visible in necrotic areas, and lesions are surrounded by a chlorotic yellow zone. Pseudothecia amphigenous, predominantly hypophyllous, black, subepidermal, becoming slightly erumpent, globose, up to 80 µm diam., apical ostiole 10–15 µm wide; wall consisting of 2–3 layers of medium brown textura angularis.

straight, obovoid with obtuse ends, widest in the middle of apical cell, medianly 1-spetate or basal cell slightly longer than apical cell, tapering towards both ends, but with more prominent taper towards lower end.



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